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ICKYSTICKY LIQUID CEMENT is a solvent based adhesive formulated to bond polystyrene plastic, commonly used in making plastic model kits. Also perfect for using on styrene sheets when creating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.


This formula dries clear but has an opaque appearance due to the added resin, resulting in a super strong bond.


Excellent for gap filling and allows extra working time to position pieces.


Can only be used PRE-ASSEMBLY – apply to one part and bring the two pieces together. After this more cement can be added to strengthen the join if required.


This formula has no capillary action and will not run along a seam or join.


The cap has a fine, pointed brush, allowing precise application and easy reach into small spaces. The brush is long in length to reach the bottom of the bottle.


Bottle base dimensions 42mm x 42mm

Liquid Cement

SKU: 13412
$5.50 Regular Price
$4.40Sale Price


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